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Meacreations Photography



Phone: 609-827-0300 
Atlantic City, Cape May, Cherry Hill, Ocean City, Point Pleasant, Philadelphia & surrounding areas, NJ
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5.0 out of 5.0
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I work with every angle to ensure a unique view of your special day.

Capturing the details is an important aspect of my photography. The moments that make up a special day, the details of a setting in which an event is about to take place, the anticipation and celebration in gathered faces, or the quiet reflection in a portrait are the elements I seek to create photographs that speak to our deeper senses.

I make sure I connect with my clients to ensure both the quality and the look they want. I encourage brides to bring samples of photos that intrigue them so I can get a sense of what they envision.

With every photo shoot I feel a sense of excitement and anticipation of what the session will bring and for the wonderful moments I will capture. For portraits, I strive to make my subjects feel their most at ease. I converse with them through out the session which allows their personality to come through in the photos. Because brides have spent countless hours deciding the smallest of details to make their day their own, I capture each detail so they know that their hard work does not go unoticed.

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